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Top Ways to Reduce Humidity at Home

Did you know that there are studies that link unhappiness to humidity? Keeping humidity levels low in your home can have a direct impact on your mood! Not only that, but you’ll be saving money by protecting your home from problems such as wet marks, rotten wood, and mold / mildew.

Ventilation is important to reduce humidity. This is especially crucial in areas that generate moisture—i.e., the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Just four to six pints of water can actually increase the humidity level indoors, in a 1000 square-foot area, from 15% to 60%!

How to Reduce Moisture in Your Home

Here are some ways to lower humidity in your home:

  • Increase ventilation using ceiling fans.
  • Keep your AC filter(s) clean; you should check them monthly in season.
  • Have a trained technician install a dehumidistat, especially if you are not a full time resident, to ensure your house maintains proper humidity levels when you are not here.
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated.
  • Use a showerhead with a low flow.
  • Stay aware of the temperature in your home as opposed to the temperature outside.
  • Check your roof for loose shingles / flashings and leaks.
  • When cooking, keep food covered as much as possible and utilize the exhaust fans.
  • Keep drip pans and drain lines for your air conditioning system clean and unblocked.
  • Consider using a dehumidifier.
  • Consider weather stripping and caulking around windows.
  • Have a trained technician install a programmable thermostat.
  • Treat your foundation with Hydroclay.
  • Insulate tubing / pipes around your house.
  • Consider adding an ultraviolet light to your indoor coil to keep it free of restrictions.
  • Have your system serviced annually to ensure peak performance.

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