Air Conditioning Repair:
Bad A/C System Relays and/or Contact 

Relays and contactors are crucial components of your AC system’s electrical circuit. Faulty relays and contactors can lead to intermittent operation or complete system failure, necessitating immediate AC repair.

How Bad Relays/Contactors Affect Your AC

Relays and contactors control the flow of electricity to various parts of your AC unit. Faulty components can cause the system to malfunction, leading to unreliable performance and potential damage.


Signs of Faulty Relays/Contactors

  • AC unit not turning on or off properly
  • Clicking or buzzing sounds from the AC
  • Inconsistent cooling performance
  • Frequent system cycling

Importance of Timely AC Repair

Addressing relay and contactor issues promptly through professional air conditioning repair can prevent further electrical problems and ensure consistent system performance. Regular electrical inspections can help identify and resolve issues early.

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