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Heating Maintenance in Sarasota, FL

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It’s that time of year again: the leaves are turning, the days are growing shorter, and the weather is cooling off. That means winter is just on the horizon, and with it will come cool temperatures that you’ll depend on your furnace to avoid. But is your heater ready for the workload ahead of it? If it hasn’t been attended to for some time, you may find yourself out in the cold and in need of an emergency repair this winter.

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When you want to ensure your heater is running smoothly and efficiently for those chillier winter days in Florida, scheduling regular maintenance can make a huge difference. Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating offers heater tune-ups for furnaces, electric heaters, ductless mini splits, heat pumps, and all other HVAC systems! Our Sarasota heater technicians can provide regular maintenance for nearly any make, model, or brand.

Do I Really Need Heater Maintenance?

Florida often gives the impression of being a sunny paradise with the perfect climate. While we do enjoy plenty of sunshine most of the year, residents know the winter months can always bring some cold snaps. When these colder days do it, having your heater run as efficiently as possible is key.

What are the top reasons you need to have regular maintenance?

  • Expensive repairs
  • Higher energy bills
  • Unsafe operation of your heater
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Replacement system costs

When you hire our technicians, you can expect thorough inspection of all areas of your heater and detailed tune-ups on all necessary components. This allows your system to operate much more effectively.

Avoiding a Heater Breakdown

What’s the best way to avoid a heater breakdown? Get a maintenance service from a qualified Sarasota furnace repairs professional! When you call Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating, one of our highly-trained and friendly technicians will come to your house and conduct a thorough inspection of your furnace. We take great care when looking over both your indoor and outdoor units in order to make sure you’re satisfied with the results and your furnace is both ready and top shape to take on the frigid winter temperatures up ahead.

When our technician inspects your system, they’ll check everything from heating coils, blower motor, and air filter, to the most important and complex pieces, including your electrical connections. They’ll clean out dust and dirt that may have accumulated over the summer months, reducing the chance of a possible fire starting on a heating element, and allowing them to run at full power right form the first flip of the switch.

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This inspection allows them to spot any potential issues and notify you about them before they wind up turning into a serious problem that requires an emergency service. If you’re looking to save money on your utility bills this winter, avoiding having your heater break down is a great place to start.

Once this service is completed, your system will be finely-tuned and ready to handle the long months of usage ahead. A well-maintained system is not only more effective at doing its job (you’ll notice your heater seems as though it’s working just as well as it ever has, if not better), but also uses less energy, saving you money in the long run.

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Our Sarasota HVAC technicians never charge by the hour, offering up-front, flat rate pricing. This means you know 100% what you are paying before we even begin work! What other benefits do you get from us? We have 25+ years of experience, are available Monday through Saturday for service, and offer great warranties. We also only employ factory trained technicians who have been EPA certified. Our company even boasts an “A+” Rating from the Better Business Bureau!

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