How to Avoid Wasting Valuable Air

Is it Possible to Waste Air?

Wasted air is an issue that many of us don’t even realize we’re dealing with. We spend a lot of money installing and maintaining heating and air conditioning units, and even more on the energy it takes to keep these units going, and yet we let that money escape out of our windows or through our attics.

When heated or cooled air escapes from your home, it lessens the effectiveness of your AC and heater. To maintain the temperature you’ve set your thermostat at, your appliances will have to work harder and stay on longer to compensate for the missing air.

Wasted Air Wastes Money

A heater or air conditioner that needs to work harder needs to use more energy, which means your utility bills will be higher. Additionally, the extra work can increase the amount of wear-and-tear damages that your heater and air conditioner accumulate, causing them to break down sooner than they normally would. This can cost you a lot in repair and replacement fees, so preventing wasted air is essential to staying within your budget.

How to Keep Air Inside Your Home

Not wasting air is as easy as keeping all possible escape routes covered. Keep an eye on places where air flows in and out of your house, and make sure that they’re closed when your heater or air conditioner is on:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Attic doors

Remember not to block off any outward-leading vents or ventilation shafts – your heating and cooling systems use these to get rid of stale, untreated air!

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

While you’re stopping air from leaving your home, it’s important to ensure the air you’re keeping inside stays comfortable for you and your loved ones to breathe. Keep things circulating using fans, which have the added effect of enhancing your AC’s cooling abilities. If the air from your heater or AC is too dry or too humid, a humidifier or dehumidifier can help you make things more comfortable.

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