The Biggest Threats to Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Indoor air quality is no joke. In many parts of the country, people now face as much danger from air pollution inside of their homes as they do from pollution outside. All year-round, pollutants that make their way into your house can affect air quality. However, the particularly hot and humid Florida summers come with an additional set of concerns. Keep reading to learn more about your biggest threats to good indoor air quality this summer, and make sure to contact our Sarasota HVAC pros at Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating for all your heatingcooling, and indoor air quality needs.

The Biggest Threats to Indoor Air Quality in the Summer Are:

  • Plants Blooming (Allergens): Summertime brings a unique blooming season for plants. While some blooming starts in spring, as various plants and flowers continue to blossom over the summer months, there tends to be more pollen in the air. This makes the duration of summer an extremely difficult time for allergy-sufferers, who may already be extra sensitive to the quality of their indoor air.
  • Microbial Growth: If Florida is known for one thing in terms of the weather, it’s known for humidity. While trying to control humidity levels in your home can already be a difficult process, what you may or may not know is that increased humidity also lead to an increase in microbial growth, i.e. bacteria. While excessive bacterial growth is already problematic when it shows up in your food, it can negatively impact those with respiratory illness as well as the general health and wellness of everyone in your home when it starts to affect the air quality.
  • Improper AC Usage: “Wait, you’re not seriously telling me to reduce my AC usage this summer, are you?”, you may be asking. No, of course not! We would never do that! However, it is worth noting that if your home is already suffering from indoor air quality issues, increased AC usage may make things worse. Your AC redistributes air all throughout your home, and if your home is filled with allergens, pollutants, biological growth spores, and other contaminants, your AC will essentially end up spreading all that around.

What Can I Do to Combat Poor Indoor Air Quality This Summer?

The first thing you should do to address poor air quality during the summer months is to consider some general air conditioning maintenance. As mentioned above, without a well-maintained AC, that cool air you so desperately need could end up being pretty low quality. On top of this, our expert HVAC technicians also offer air quality improvement options such as AC filtershumidity control, and even germicidal UV lights that can kill mold and bacteria. Remember, if you or someone you love is spending more time coughing, wheezing, or generally having more trouble breathing this summer, there’s no reason not to act. Call our Manatee County and Sarasota HVAC pros at Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating, and start enjoying your summer with better indoor air quality now.

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