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Heating & Air Conditioning Tips for the Fall

The fall season still has warm weather that will put your air conditioning to work, but it’s also going to be time to turn on your heating system. Our HVAC repair technicians in Sarasota, FL cover tips on preparing your air conditioning and heating systems for the winter.

Checking Your A/C System

Your air conditioning unit has made it through the worst of summer and the hot seasons, but if the heat isn’t letting up, then you’ve probably done a number on the AC filters. You’ll know there’s a problem if rooms aren’t as cool as you want them, or if the air conditioning system is running all the time (or not running at all). Check the filters to see if they need to be changed out.

Getting Your Heater System Ready

When the first cold night rolls around, you don’t want to find out your heater is in total disrepair. Hopefully, you have scheduled maintenance on your heater; if not, now is a perfect time.

Even if you have had maintenance recently, it is a good idea to check your filters. If your filters are not replaced regularly the heater will have to work harder resulting in higher monthly electric bills. Check your filters at least once a month and replace them when necessary.

How’s Your Ventilation & Insulation?

It’s important to make sure your heating and cooling system equipment has proper ventilation. This prevents performance lock-outs and malfunctions. If you have an outdoor unit like a heat pump, make sure it’s clear of obstructions. If you have wall returns make sure nothing is blocking the air flow to them.

You’ll also want to ensure that your indoor environment is properly insulated. Without effective blown-in insulation or other protection, you can quickly lose the comfortable temperatures that your heating and cooling systems worked hard to achieve—leading you to higher energy consumption.

When’s the last time you had an HVAC tune-up? Our technicians in Sarasota perform maintenance on heating and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial clients throughout Florida!

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