6 Common AC Problems to Look Out For

With the HOT summer right around the corner, the last thing you want to experience is a problem with your air conditioning system. Although there may be a plethora of factors why your AC needs to be inspected and maintained by a licensed professional, there are a few indicators which are quite common.

The following are the most common air conditioning problems people encounter and a good indicator that you need to call a professional:

  1. Your AC system runs ALL day to keep up with your desired temperature–if your air conditioning unit doesn’t meet or keep the desired temperature you have selected on your thermostat, chances are you have a problem. It could be caused by a broad range of issues from poor electrical signals to tired components not performing under the extreme demands. If your system is running all day or cycling on and off it will cause unnecessary wear on your system and result in higher electric bills.
  2. AC doesn’t cool well – When your unit is on, but doesn’t seem to cool effectively, some possible problems could include:
  • A clogged filter that needs changing.
  • A dirty or rusted evaporator coil.
  • Your condensing coil may be dirty or blocked by debris.
  • The ductwork may have become loose or have holes in it.
  • Refrigerant charge may need adjusting.
  1. Your unit is making unusual noises – If you notice any rattling, ticking, or buzzing inside of your AC, there are a wide range of causes. It may be something as simple as a loose screw that requires tightening or perhaps as substantial as a defective blower motor or damaged fan blade.
  2. Your unit is leaking water – While some condensation is normal, evidence of a leaking or pooling can mean that the condensate drain is plugged or that the system has had prior “icing” issues. All water from the system should be led outside through your PVC drain.
  3. Air coming from the top of your condenser (outside unit) is cool (it should be hot)
  4. Discoloration around your vents in the ceiling
  5. Unusual smells – musky, damp or “dirty sock” smell.
  6. Ice on AC copper lines going into the system – possible causes of this could be a refrigerant leak; the indoor blower motor may be defective or you have a blockage of air flow through your system.

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