Energy Saving Tips for the Summer

As summer quickly approaches, homeowners are getting ready to put their air conditioning unit to continuous use. However, there are some individuals who dread this time of year since using their AC on a daily basis means increased energy bills. Fortunately, our Sarasota AC repair technicians not only understand what it takes to make your unit run at peak efficiency but also know tips on how to save energy in your home and reduce your bills.

The following are a few ways to conserve energy in your home:

  1. Make sure there are no air leaks throughout your home. Any evidence of air leaks in your home means that your air conditioning unit is working harder to cool your entire home, resulting in higher energy bills. Inspect your duct work, confirm if any leaks are present, and then have our team seal them with approved duct materials to ensure there is no air loss. You should also check for any leaks through your doors and windows for proper insulation.
  2. Use LED light bulbs. If you are still using incandescent light bulbs, throw them away and switch to LED light bulbs for optimum efficiency. LED lights have a lifespan about 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs and take substantially less energy when in use. They also run 100% cooler than incandescent lights reducing unnecessary heat in your home.
  3. Turn off your electronics when not they’re not in use. In addition to this advice, make sure you also unplug them until you need to use them again. “Vampire energy consumption” is responsible for plenty of unsuspecting power consumption while you’re out of your home.
  4. Purchase a programmable thermostat. To make sure that the comfort of your home is adequate enough, having a programmable or WI-FI thermostat enables you to set specified temperatures at various times throughout the day and ensures that you are not cooling your home unnecessarily. With a WI-Fi thermostat, you can change the temperature of your system from your smartphone or mobile device.

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