7 Signs You Need a New Furnace This Winter

Winter is in full swing, and while the state of Florida is certainly not known for being cold, it’s still important to have working heating for those chilly nights. But how do you know when that old furnace needs to be replaced? While some furnaces can last decades, eventually, even the most well-maintained models need to be switched out. Keep reading to learn the 7 signs you need a new furnace this winter from Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating, and make sure to call our Sarasota HVAC pros for all your heater installations, as well as heating system repairs and maintenance.

The Top 7 Signs You Need a New Furnace:

  1. Your System Is Over 15-Years-Old: While some furnaces can last over 40 years, the average gas furnace usually survives 15-30 years. If you do know the age of your furnace, and it’s at least 20-years-old or older, consider having it inspected by a professional HVAC technician to see if it needs to be replaced. If your furnace was there when you moved in and you do not know the age, it’s still a good idea to call for an inspection, as a heating and cooling professional will be able to give you a better idea of its actual age. Schedule furnace maintenance to discover the status of your furnace.
  2. Your System Is Having Problems Heating Your Home: The older your furnace gets, the more likely it is to heat your home unevenly from room to room. You may also notice humidity levels rising in your house as your furnace starts to fail—something we definitely don’t need in Florida, where it’s already humid enough. Watch out for dry air as you use your furnace this winter, and if you have wood floors, check to see that they are not being damaged by excessive humidity. Of course, sometimes your furnace may just start cycling on and off, or even stop working altogether, in which case you will almost certainly need to install a new one.
  3. Your Energy Bills Are Going Up, While Your Heater’s Performance Is Going Down: An increase in your energy bill often occurs because your system is aging, and having to work harder to meet the demands of heating your house. As you notice this increase in heating costs, you may also notice your furnace becoming less effective at actually heating your home. Fortunately, with a modern, energy-efficient furnace, you’ll be able to reduce your heating costs while enjoying a system designed to work better and last longer.
  4. Your Furnace Constantly Needs to be Repaired: If your furnace needs to frequently be repaired, there comes a time when it may be more cost-effective to just upgrade to a new model entirely.
  5. Your Furnace Is Making Strange Noises: While most furnaces make a certain amount of noise when they are running, excessive noises may be a sign your system, is old and wearing down. Watch out for rattling, banging, or buzzing, as this may indicate your unit is rusted or cracked. Speaking of which…
  6. Your Furnace Shows Visible Cracks or Other Damage: Furnaces that are cracked, rusted, leaky, or have experienced other visible signs of damage may be beyond repair. While it’s natural for your furnace to experience a certain amount of wear and tear over the years, if you find that it is noticeably damaged and performing worse, it’s probably better to replace it.
  7. Your Furnace Is Spreading Dirt & Dust: It’s inevitable that some dust and dirt will accumulate around your furnace over the years, but if you notice an excessive amount of dirt and dust particles around your house while your furnace is in operation, you may have a problem on your hands. Call a heating technician to have your unit serviced if this is happening in your home. If your furnace continues to contaminate your air, it may be because it’s breaking down, and accidentally spreading soot and rust particles throughout your air.

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