Should I Replace My Indoor & Outdoor A/C Units at Once?

Your air conditioner has two primary parts: an indoor and an outdoor unit. While both of these parts usually work in tandem, one can break before the other does. In fact, this is typically the case. We often hear from home and business owners who need to replace one or the other and they wonder if they can keep their old half of the system that’s still working properly.

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you really shouldn’t. It is strongly advised that you replace both the indoor and outdoor units at the same time to ensure everything continues working properly. Otherwise, you might run into some unexpected problems.

Here are five reasons why you should replace both your indoor and outdoor units at the same time:

Better Performance
An outdoor air conditioning unit will be designed to work best with a specific indoor unit of the same brand or model. Together, they can maintain optimal performance levels that keep your home comfortable year round. However, mismatching your outdoor unit with an indoor unit of a different design will dramatically reduce both of their efficiencies. When the indoor unit malfunctions, you should replace itand the outdoor unit as well – and vice versa – to ensure your system retains its optimal power and cost-effectiveness.

Better Efficiency
The efficiency rating you see on a brand new air conditioning unit is based on having a matching indoor and outdoor units. Not only does a properly matched system work better and give you improved performance, but it also does so while consuming the lowest amount of electricity. An extremely efficient outdoor unit will only do so much for your energy bills if the indoor unit isn’t designed to match it.

New Technology
Air conditioning technology has made leaps and bounds forward over the last several years, and if your system is more than 10 years old, you might be shocked at what’s now available in terms of system options. Replacing both your indoor and outdoor units will allow you to receive the latest and greatest AC technology, giving you the most out of the benefits of your new investment.

Long-Term Savings
Replacing just one of your indoor or outdoor units means you’ll have to spend a substantial amount of money now, but you’ll have to do it again fairly soon when the other side inevitably gives out. It’s actually cheaper in most cases to replace and newly-install both your indoor and outdoor units at the same time because it’s done on the same service call, rather than multiple calls, repair jobs, and an eventual replacement of your old unit.

New Warranties
Most repair or replacement warranties on air conditioners require that the indoor and outdoor units both match in order for a warranty to be honored. Failing to replace both at the same time means your old warranties will most likely expire and not be replaced with new ones. By having your new system installed by a preferred Sarasota air conditioning company can help ensure you receive the best warranty offered on your new system.

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