Cost-Free Ways to Save on Your Summer Cooling Bill

Easy Ways to Make Your AC More Efficient

HVAC systems are notorious for being one of the biggest power users on virtually any property. As the summer starts to heat up, it becomes even more evident just how much energy your home cooling system is using up. The good news is, there are several things that the average homeowner can do to save on energy costs and keep their system performing properly – and they don’t cost a cent.

Keep your outdoor condenser unit clean and free of debris

Leaves, dirt, debris, foliage, and even toys can begin to pile up around the condenser unit if you aren’t careful. This can inhibit your system from performing to its full capacity, and over time may cause lasting damage. Ensuring that the area around the condenser is swept clean and the condenser itself is gently swept or hosed off occasionally (and is not being used for storage) can be a huge help.

Ensure indoor vents are clean and unobstructed

If you have vents blocked by furniture, impeded by toys, or simply filled with dust and debris, this can cause a great deal of inefficiency. Your system will have to work harder to accomplish the same task of cooling your property. Rather than letting this continue, you can rearrange any furniture that may be in the way and take an extra moment to sweep or vacuum around the vents.

Keep your filters clean

It’s easy to forget about your filters, but leaving dirty filters in your AC system can be a real issue. Typically, changing or cleaning your filter is needed about once a month, but this can vary depending on your system’s unique needs. We recommend reaching out to your HVAC specialist for their opinion, then setting alarms on that schedule on your smartphone or tablet.

Use your programmable thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat and are not using it to the fullest extent, you may be missing out on huge savings! One of the main ways you can use this system to save money is to program it to automatically adjust the temperature to a few degrees warmer than normal during times when you will not be home. The energy saved with this method adds up fast without ever compromising your own comfort!

Be aware of when doors and windows are – and are not – open

In general, it is a good idea to keep your house sealed up tight when the heat is intense and the AC is running so you don’t waste energy. But, if you notice that the weather is cool and breezy in the evening or early morning, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the fresh air and give your system a rest!

Close blinds and curtains

This one is pretty simple – allowing all that sunshine into your home will go against all of the hard work your AC is putting in. By keeping blinds closed, or even using specially-designed blackout curtains, you can keep the heat out and the cool air in.

Use your ceiling fans, but make sure they’re going the right way

Ceiling fans keep air moving and allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal while still staying comfortable. However, it is important to be sure that the blades are moving counterclockwise so that they are pulling hot air up, rather than pushing it down.

Avoid using heat-producing appliances when the weather is hottest

Ovens and dryers in particular can bring a lot of heat into your home, making your AC have to work even harder to maintain a cool temperature. Instead of pitting your appliances against one another, try to simply rearrange the chore schedule so that you are using those appliances when the weather is a little cooler. Further, it would be a good idea to be certain that these appliances are kept a good distance away from the thermostat. These heat-producers can cause the thermostat to register a higher temperature, causing it to work harder than necessary.

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