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Four Reasons an HVAC Inspection Should Be On Your Home Seller’s Checklist

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an intrinsic part of most modern homes and can make or break a deal with discerning homebuyers. With this in mind, sellers should consider having a professional inspector or technician take a hard look at their HVAC system to identify any potential issues before putting the home on the market. If certain problems are identified, owners may want to be proactive about getting it into tiptop shape before listing it, and that includes maintaining and improving your existing HVAC system. Here are four reasons why an HVAC inspection should be on every home seller’s to-do list.

Older HVAC Systems Can Diminish a Home’s Appeal

The age of your installed system can make a tremendous difference in a potential buyer’s interest level, especially if your system is not kept in good condition. Components such as air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and air ducts and other HVAC devices have a lifespan of 10-25 years depending on the type of unit installed, and most buyers and their agents know it.

If your unit is on the verge of failure, you should consider a full replacement. While this can be costly, there are often utility and federal tax credits and rebates you may be able to take advantage of to lower the expense. Furthermore, by planning ahead sellers can build the sales price into their asking price, plus add another listing ‘perk’ to tempt buyers.

Determining How Well the System Has Been Maintained

Seasonal servicing and maintenance is vital to any HVAC system and often is the determining factor in its longevity and performance. It’s not uncommon for many systems to go without any type of servicing until a problem arises, which can hurt the home’s energy efficiency and it’s value in the long run. However, sellers with service contracts with HVAC professionals will typically have cleaner, better functioning systems and documentation to show potential buyers. Both buyers and sellers can be more confident that the system has been properly cared for, which is something inspectors will be looking for.

Identify Any Defective Parts

A professional Sarasota HVAC technician can help identify any defective parts during their maintenance services and inspections. This helps ensure that there will be no issues with your HVAC system during the home’s real estate inspection process. While dangerous problems like bad heat exchangers on furnaces or non-functioning units can be deal breakers, minor ones such as air duct leaks or worn blowers can easily be repaired before listing the home. A real estate professional can help owners determine which repairs and/or buyer contingencies are essential before moving forward with the sale.

System Leaks and Emissions Issues

Leaking HVAC systems are not only frustrating, but certain gas and refrigerant emissions can be downright dangerous or even deadly. For example, carbon monoxide leaks will certainly be detected during an inspection which can send any cautious buyer running. Leaks should be repaired immediately by a licensed heating and cooling contractor, who will also inspect the entire system to find any other potential problems that should be addressed by sellers.

At the end of the day, those who regularly take care of their home and the systems within will typically have an easier time selling. While knowing the condition of a home prior to selling is often valuable information, keeping up with inspections and maintenance every year can keep issues from sneaking up on a homeowner or seller.

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