How to Know When You Need AC Repair

Going home to a cool house with great AC is a treat. If your system is not keeping your home cool, you might need AC Repair. Watch out for these issues, so that you know when to call.

Warning Signs

One of the biggest benefits of your air conditioning system is that it is designed to work with very little input from you. Create thermostat settings, and you can watch it maintain your home’s temperature and humidity by itself. Of course, if your system picks up one of many AC problems, you may notice that your home is not quite as comfortable as it was. Your AC should work much the same way every time it turns on, so even slight deviations from the norm could be an indicator of problems:

  • One room that is hotter than the rest of the house
  • Moisture on windows
  • Noisy operation, particularly clacking, banging, or squealing
  • System keeps turning on and off too quickly

Your air conditioning might still be working relatively normally, even with these symptoms. Keep in mind that they will probably get worse if you do not do something to fix them. In a humid place like Sarasota, moisture control is often more important than cooling. Without an air conditioning system in good condition, the structure of your home may become too wet and start to degrade. It is always better to schedule service, even if you think you do not need it, than to wait and find out that you should have called earlier.

Major AC Repair Problems

In most cases, you will have some kind of warning that your air conditioning is about to decrease in output or quit. If you do not notice them, they may continue to cause issues until you end up with a big concern, including:

  • Evaporator coil covered in ice or leaking water
  • Leaks in the refrigerant line
  • System not turning on
  • Warm air circulating, but no cooling
  • Circuit breaker tripping

With any of these, it is important to call for prompt repairs. Even if your system seems to be working a little, you may create more issues by waiting. Serious problems with your air conditioning may call for you to choose between repair or replacement. If your equipment is running toward the end of its lifespan, you may want to upgrade to an energy-efficient system. As with most other things, your decision as a homeowner is the one that counts. If you have a new AC that is in otherwise good shape, it might be worth replacing a part instead of the whole thing. Before you commit, take a moment to look at your warranty coverage. Sometimes the part is covered, which could save you hundreds of dollars on repairs. You should expect a detailed estimate beforehand, so you can look at the numbers and determine the best course of action.

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