How to Tell If Your HVAC System Needs to be Replaced or Repaired

HVAC repair and replacement: at Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating, our Sarasota HVAC pros specialize in both, performing AC installations and repairs and well as heating tune-ups and upgrades. But how do you know when you actually need to install a new system versus when you can salvage the one you have? While other companies may go out of their way to talk you into upgrading to new equipment, Airrific is committed to ensuring you get the most out of your heater and AC unit. We’re confident in our products, but we also offer services designed to help your HVAC system become energy-efficient, so it can last longer and you don’t have to purchase a new one unnecessarily. Keep reading to learn how to tell if your HVAC system needs to be replaced or repaired, and remember, no matter what service you need, our licensed and helpful technicians have got you covered.

HVAC Repair v. HVAC Replacement: Which Option Is Right for Me?

  • Your system is suffering from poor performance: This is a tough one. A poor-performing system could mean it’s time for an upgrade, however, there a myriad of issues which could also be interfering with your heater or air conditioner’s performance. For instance, if your air is frequently warmer or colder than it should be, you could be dealing with a thermostat issue. However, it there’s a problem with your compressor, you may want to consider just upgrading to a new system. In general, it’s better to call a trustworthy technician to evaluate your system’s performance issues and honestly tell you whether it can be fixed.
  • Your system constantly needs to be repaired: An HVAC system is made up of many parts, some of which may malfunction overtime, some of which may need to be replaced. However, when these parts constantly start requiring repairs, it may be better to just cut your losses and replace the system altogether. This especially applies to parts like the compressor, motor, or coils, which cost so much to repair and replace individually, it’s usually not worth it to try to save them.
  • Your system is leaking: While leaks are an unfortunate part of HVAC ownership, they usually don’t necessitate system replacement in and of themselves. Usually, AC leaks can be repaired by fixing issues with your system’s drain line, drain pan, condensate pump, air filter, or refrigerant levels. If left unchecked however, leaks tend to get worse and worse, causing more damage to your system and home. While there’s no reason a leak should force you to replace your system, it can if you don’t hire a professional to take care of it fast enough.
  • Your energy costs keep going up: This is an almost surefire sign that it’s time to install a new system. As your HVAC equipment ages, it may struggle to adequately heat/cool your whole house. As your old unit exerts more effort to maintain your desired temperature, chances are your energy bill is going to go up—while the effectiveness and efficiency of your equipment continues to go down. If your system is performing poorly and driving your energy costs through the roof, it’s probably time to accept the fact that it’s on its last legs, and call a professional technician to install a new one.
  • Your equipment is emitting strange smells or loud noises: This is another area where it can be tough to tell what the right course of action is. Furnaces often make load banging noises, while air conditioners can make quite a racket while starting up. Similarly, bad smells coming from your HVAC system may indicate mold growth, which can be eliminated with a thorough cleaning. These sounds and smells often indicate problems with your system’s fan, motor, blower, air filter, or other parts. Therefore, they can often be dealt with by cleaning, repairing, or replacing a specific component. However, the more parts ultimately need to be replaced, and the more essential those parts are, the better you are just upgrading to a new system.
  • Your equipment is 10-15 years old (or older.): Extremely well-maintained HVAC products can last up to 20 years. However, the average lifespan for most systems is between 10-15 years, and is often times even less than that if they have not been serviced regularly. Ultimately, when your HVAC really starts to get up there in years, it’s always better to just replace it with a new model. Modern HVAC systems are often more energy-efficient anyway, and require less repairs, meaning that investing in one now could save you money for years to come.

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