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Our Response to COVID-19

The world has been devastated by the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) and Florida, in particular, has been hit hard by the virus – with nearly 23,000 confirmed cases as of April l 17th. There is no doubt these are uncertain times, but something bringing us peace is seeing how our community has banded together. We are proud to witness Sarasota following the CDC’s recommendations, with many people practicing self-monitoring and self-quarantining.

At Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating, we have chosen to continue to serve our community during these uncertain times. This decision wasn’t made lightly, however, our essential business continues to see a demand for honest heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services in our area. Our customers have supported us over greatly over the years, recommending us to family and friends, and now it is our turn to support you.

Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating Is Proud to Serve Our Community

With so many people staying home in an attempt to flatten the curve, now is the best time to schedule any needed HVAC system repairs without the hassle of calling out of work. In addition to the stellar heating and cooling services you have come to expect from Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating, our licensed team also offers an extensive array of indoor air quality solutions.

Our indoor air quality (IAQ) services are a great way to avoid airborne contaminants like bacteria, viruses, dust, dander, and pollen, so you can breathe easy while you spend more time at home. Some of our IAQ services include UV germicidal lights, whole-home air purifiers, and more!

Now more than ever we are committed to keeping our community safe and comfortable, which is why we have added precautions to all our services to avoid contamination.

Our precautions include:

  • None of our field technicians are entering our office building to limit human interaction. We are restricting access strictly to our warehouse, which does not have people in it. They drop any needed information off in a dedicated area, so our process stays speedy.
  • All our technicians have plastic face shields, which we wear to every customer’s home. We also disinfect these shields after every visit.
  • Our reports are paperless, so every invoice, report, or recommendation can be done via email.
  • We are continuing to adhere closely to the CDC recommendations, and all our technicians are practicing constant and vigorous hand washing.
  • A great deal of our services can be done outside of the home, limiting interactions. However, when we do enter your home, we follow the 6-foot rule.
  • If you are paying with a credit card, you have the option to call our office to process your service directly, without having your card handled by a technician.

We are following the spread of COVID-19 closely, and we will continue to update and add to these precautions as the situation changes.

Need Air Conditioning Repair? Talk to your air conditioning repair experts at Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating today! Call (941) 371-3355.

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