The Most Important Areas to Keep Cool in Your Office

Keeping Your Business Cool

As business owners ourselves, Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to provide comprehensive AC service for commercial properties. As you probably already know if you run a successful commercial business, making sure all of your employees receive proper cooling relief is extremely important to creating a happy, healthy, productive environment. However, there are certain spots in your office which you will want to pay extra close attention to, ensuring they are always receiving the exact right amount of air conditioning. Keep reading to learn the most important areas to keep cool in your office, and make sure to contact our Sarasota HVAC experts at Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating for all your business’s AC needs.

The 3 Spots in Your Office to Monitor Air Conditioning Are:

  1. The Server Room: While your server room will not need air conditioning to accommodate the comfort of people, it is essential to make sure this room is cool enough to keep your electrical equipment at a safe temperature. Servers give off a ton of heat, and if your servers end up getting overheated, they many start performing poorly, rebooting without warning, or even crashing—which of course would spell disaster for your business. A poorly air-conditioned server room may also impact the airflow throughout your commercial property. And if that wasn’t bad enough, excess heat from the server room can spill out to nearby areas in your office, and even cause rust and corrosion in the room itself. Because of this, you will want to devote extra cooling power to your server room—always keeping the temperature below 75 degrees, and the humidity level at 45-50%.
  2. The Lobby: The lobby/reception area is the first impression anyone gets of your business as soon as they walk in the door. Even if you and your employees, prefer to keep the rest of your office a little warmer, it’s always better to keep the lobby on the cooler side for this reason. This will be particularly nice for customers/clients on hot days, when they are able to walk inside and experience a rush of cool air.
  3. The Kitchen: Your standard office kitchen contains a fridge, microwave, and in some cases, even a stove and an oven. All of these appliances can give off a substantial amount of heat, making proper ventilation and cooling in your work kitchen just as important as in your kitchen at home. After all, no one wants to be overly warm just because multiple people are using devices at the same time.

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