The Top 5 Most Common AC Repairs for Home HVAC Systems

During a typical Sarasota summer, the last thing you need is for your air conditioning system to suddenly stop working. Whether it starts blasting lukewarm air, makes horrendous noises, or stops working entirely, you need it fixed and fast.

At Airrific, we have over 25 years of experience in troubleshooting and addressing a wide variety of AC issues. Here’s a brief list of the top 5 most common AC issues we’ve run into and how they affect your AC system:

#1: Refrigerant Leaks

Whether your AC unit uses Freon (R22) or Puron (R410A), it needs that refrigerant to keep your AC system working and your home cool. If your AC system suddenly runs low on refrigerant, it can struggle to keep up with your home’s cooling demands and ultimately fail.

The culprit is usually a slow leak somewhere within the AC system, often due to a pinhole in the refrigerant line or a deteriorated evaporator or condenser coil. Either way, a slow leak demands immediate service.

#2: Bad AC Capacitors

Think of the AC capacitor as a supercharged battery that helps kick-start your AC system into action. More specifically, it provides the AC motors with a boost of energy to start up properly. AC capacitors can weaken over time and even start leaking or blow out, which could prevent your AC system from running.

#3: Failed Blower Motor

The blower motor is what does the heavy lifting in your AC system, namely by driving the blower fan that circulates cool air throughout your Sarasota home. Blower motors are generally reliable, but they can fail unexpectedly due to lack of maintenance or a sudden bearing or electrical failure.

#4: Clogged Drain Lines

AC systems do more than just cool your home’s indoor air. It also removes excess moisture from the air as it cools. That’s right – your AC system is also a dehumidifier of sorts.

That excess moisture has to go somewhere, and it usually ends up in a condensate pan inside the unit. The condensate gathers in the pan and travels through a drain line that runs outdoors or to another, larger drain.

Over time, buildup from debris and microbes can restrict and eventually clog the drain line, trapping the condensate in the pan. The condensate eventually backs up into a secondary drain pan, which features a safety cutoff switch that activates once that pan fills up. In older AC units, the condensate could overflow and end up on the floor or on your ceiling, depending on your AC unit’s location.

#5: Malfunctioning Thermostat

A surprising number of AC issues can be traced back to a thermostat that’s not working properly or not working at all. Some thermostats are battery-operated, which means they tend to work erratically when the batteries are nearly depleted.

The experts at Airrific can tackle just about any repair your AC unit needs, so keep us in mind whenever you’re faced with AC troubles.

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