What’s Included In an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

With spring just around the corner, Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating knows that now is the time to schedule an air conditioning tune-up service! If you want your system to last and run reliably, getting an annual tune-up before the start of the heavy use season is an important responsibility.

There are plenty of benefits to getting a tune-up. First, you’ll enjoy improved energy efficiency throughout your air conditioning season. An air conditioning system that’s clean, lubricated, and in good condition is one that will do its job far faster, which means less run time and less consumed energy to keep your home cool. It’ll also run more effortlessly, which means reduced wear and tear on important components and a longer lifespan with fewer major breakdowns. Finally, they also can keep your system’s manufacturer warranty active. Most warranties require that you have your system maintained professionally at least once per year in order for the coverage to remain in effect, and some will extend this protection out to as much as 10 years when properly maintained. When you combine all of these together, you could save a substantial amount of money! Don’t wait for signs you may need an AC tuneup.

Here are just a few of the critical services that are included with your air conditioning maintenance visit.

Coil Cleaning

Your air conditioner depends on two different metal coils to complete the heat transfer process. Your indoor coil, known as your evaporator coil, absorbs heat from the air passed over it, creating the cool, dry air that you depend on. Your condenser coil is located outside, and is responsible for expelling the heat from outside in order to prevent it from coming back in.

When these coils get dirty, the dirt and dust that’s stuck to them acts like an insulating blanket, preventing the heat transfer either in or out of the coil. This makes your coil less efficient and less effective at transferring heat, which leads to a less-effective and energy-efficient air conditioner.

Thermostat Calibration

Does it seem like you constantly have to turn your thermostat lower and lower to reach the same temperature goal? You’re not going crazy—your thermostat simply needs to be properly calibrated. Thermostats can come uncalibrated over time, and that means the temperature they’re shooting for isn’t actually the temperature you want your home to be. A maintenance service will measure your temperature and adjust your thermostat for more precise and accurate temperature control.

Electrical Connection Tightening

Your air conditioner has a number of important electrical connections that it depends on. You have wires running to your compressor, your condenser, your expansion chambers, your blower fans and motors, and so much more. If any of these connections have frayed or become loose, they could cause your system to stop working. A maintenance service includes checking all of these connections and then tightening down any that have come loose. This prevents any loose wires from causing your system to stop working, or worse, sparking a fire.

Moving Part Lubrication

You have a number of moving parts in your air conditioner, and the more friction these parts encounter, the more resistance they’re going to face, and the more resistance they face, the more likely they are to wear out and the more energy they’re going to consume. A maintenance service includes lubricating these parts to they can move freely and you’ll enjoy the highest levels of energy efficiency.

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