Are There Pests in Your HVAC Unit?

Do you know if your HVAC unit is safe from any creepy crawlers or icky pests? Pests aren’t that uncommon to find in an unmaintained HVAC unit. Termites, ants, wasps, and more have been known to make their homes inside HVAC systems, causing major problems for business and homeowners. Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating is the leading expert for HVAC problems in the Sarasota area. We share some ways you can rid your system of unwanted visitors for good!

How to Pest-Proof Your Home HVAC

Follow these easy steps to keep pests out for good:

  • Install vent and flue covers – Flue pipes are what expel the byproducts created by your furnace. Flue pipes can be entered, especially if left uncovered. If your home has fresh air intake or other exterior vents, they could be subjected to pests as well. Buying proper vent and flue covers can keep pests out and your systems pest-free.
  • Seal your ducts – Spaces, cracks, gaps and openings in your duct system is like an open door for pests and vermin. Depending on the size of the opening any critter, from small insects to large rodents, can get inside. Sealing up and repairing a duct system is the best way to ward off pests from getting inside. Once inside, these critters can cause a serious health hazard for you and your family.
  • Protect your AC condenser – Rodents can severely damage exterior air conditioner condensers by scratching, chewing, and urinating on the system. Keep the area around the condenser clean and clear of any vegetation. This will keep your condenser safe from rodents. You can also purchase a repellant to help keep them away for good.

If you believe pests have damaged your system, contact our Sarasota AC repair team today. Don’t wait to schedule your appointment with Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating.

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