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What Impact Is My Air Conditioner Having on the Environment?

Functioning air conditioning is an essential part of modern life. Especially in parts of the country like Florida, where not having one be dangerous at the height of the summer heat and humidity, owning a working AC unit is both a matter of comfort and safety. However, there’s one question few of us ask when we turn on our AC system: “what impact is my air conditioner having on the environment?”

Your AC & the Environment

It’s no secret that certain types of refrigerants are bad for the environment. Specifically, R22, more commonly known as Freon, has been banned by the EPA for this reason. However, even modern, top-of-the-line AC systems release a certain amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide.) In fact, it is estimated that as much as 117 million metric tons of CO2 are emitted into the air each year because of AC usage. This average out to 2 tons of CO2 for every home. And of course, the lower your AC temperature is, the more CO2 you are using, so that number may actually be higher based on your personal preferences.

If you are looking for a way to lessen this output, you may want to consider keeping your AC temperature at 78°F (not 72) or above, as experts have found that with every degree you raise your air conditioner beyond this point, you can save as much as 120 lbs. of CO2. Another way to control energy usage is to install a smart or programmable thermostat. This way, you will be able to monitor how much energy you are using at different times of the day, and keep your thermostat settings higher to balance out with your lower AC temperature. And on top of being better for the environment, programmable thermostats have been found to save homeowners $180 in air conditioning costs per year.

Call a Technician for Eco-Friendly AC Service

Ultimately, the best way to make sure you are running your AC in an environmentally responsible way is to have it regularly serviced. Fortunately, Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating provides eco-friendly AC services, designed to keep your system as energy-efficient as possible.

Our Sarasota HVAC pros are able to keep our AC services green by:

  • Recycling old materials and approved parts when replacing AC units
  • Using factory-authorized and environmentally safe products
  • Training all of our Sarasota technicians to be EPA certified
  • Participating as a contractor of the Get Energy Smart Program

Need Air Conditioning Installation? Talk to your air conditioning repair experts at Airrific Air Conditioning & Heating today! Call (941) 371-3355.

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