Creative Ways to Conceal Your Outdoor Unit

If you have a big metal box sticking out in your backyard or front lawn that is the outdoor half of your central air conditioning system or heat pump, you might be wishing that there was some way you could conceal it. While your unit plays an important in maintaining a comfortable home, it is certainly not pleasant to look at.

The following are creative ways to hide your outdoor unit:

  • Build a permanent storage structure – This provides functional usage while concealing the unit. The structure can be constructed to blend in or match with your home or landscaping for a natural look, as well as possess storage space to place gardening tools, landscaping equipment, or anything you wish. In addition, a permanent structure can protect your unit from inclement weather conditions and debris.
  • Install a fence surrounding the unit – Similar to a permanent structure, a wooden fence installed around the outdoor unit can be used as storage space. There are a variety of options for fencing depending on your home’s aesthetic and the types of materials you use. Fences can protect the unit from any damage from tools, as well as humans.
  • Use landscaping and trellises – Trellises and landscaping are considered the cheapest ways to hide the outdoor HVAC unit. You could hit your unit using plant-climbing vegetables and flowers that can beautify your landscaping.

When hiding your outdoor unit, it is imperative to consult with a professional to ensure that no blockages to airflow are present. If you are interested in air conditioning or heating repairs or service in Sarasota, FL, contact Airrific Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule an appointment with our licensed technician today.

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