Updating your AC equipment
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Is Your Equipment Outdated?

Spot the Telltale Signs that Your Unit Needs to Be Replaced

It happens to every home eventually – your heating and cooling equipment has lost its ability to keep up with your family’s comfort needs. No matter how advanced or innovative your units are, there comes a time where they will become too old to function effectively and efficiently. Eventually, your equipment will fail for good, leaving you in a desperate scramble to find replacements.

If you’re asking yourself if your equipment is too old or outdated, you’re not alone. We know that our customers would prefer to get their equipment replaced before it stops working completely, so we asked our licensed technicians to break down everything you need to know to determine when it’s time to replace your heater or air conditioner.

Know Your Equipment’s Estimated Lifespan

In general, most heating and cooling equipment is built to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. That number can vary based on the make and model of the unit, the effects of regular maintenance, and various other factors. Check your unit’s specifications to find out its manufacturer-estimated lifespan or call a professional to perform an inspection to determine the lifespan and age of your unit. A professional inspection can prove especially helpful as it can factor in lifespan-extending factors like maintenance or damaging factors like weather damage or improper sizing.

Learn About the Warning Signs of a Failing Unit

  • Short Cycling – Short cycling is when your unit starts and stops repeatedly within a short time. This can be caused by clogged filters, malfunctioning internal components, and other smaller issues. When your unit short cycles, it doesn’t cool or heat your home as effectively and wastes a lot of energy starting and stopping itself, raising your energy costs. Plus, short cycling subjects your equipment to more wear-and-tear damages, which can just make the problem worse.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures – Are there places in your home that seem to be unaffected by your heater or air conditioner? Do you find yourself needing to adjust your thermostat constantly to maintain an ideal temperature? Your equipment may no longer be capable of providing consistent, effective climate control.
  • Unusual Sounds and Smells – If a foul stench is permeating your home whenever you crank up the heat, or if turning on your air conditioner makes it too loud to think in your home, something is seriously wrong with your equipment, and there may not be a long-lasting repair option available if your unit is too old.
  • Rising Utility Bills – As your equipment gets older, it needs more energy to work, costing you more money. If you’re seeing a steady increase in your operating costs without any explanation, your heater or air conditioner may need to be replaced.
  • Frequent Repairs – Outdated equipment is always encountering new faults and malfunctions, and no matter how qualified your repair technician is, you can find yourself paying for repairs again and again within a short time span. Replace your equipment when the need for repairs becomes more frequent to ensure that any issues that pop up don’t continue to plague you after the technician has left.

What to Do with Outdated Equipment

Once you’ve determined that your heater and/or air conditioner is on its last legs, call your local heating and cooling technician as soon as possible to begin looking into replacement equipment. While it is possible to research new units on your own, the technical and industry knowledge that a professional opinion brings to the table can make the process go much faster, ensuring that your new equipment is installed before your old one fails completely. This means that you and your loved ones won’t have to go even one day without indoor climate control, safeguarding your comfort.

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