What are the most common types of AC systems available?

There’s nothing like a cool, comfortable home in the midst of hot summer weather. When you need a new air conditioning system for your Sarasota home, you’ll want to know about every option that’s available. Read on and learn about the most common types of AC systems.

Central Air Conditioners

This type of AC system is, by far, the most commonly used in Sarasota homes. Central AC systems are prized for their ability to cool large homes efficiently. The key is in the ducting system that’s often shared with a gas or electric furnace. A typical central AC system circulates cool air throughout the home via supply ducts and registers within the walls or floors. Return ducts and registers draw in warm air to be cooled by the central AC system.

The only downsides to a central AC system are cost and space. A typical central AC system takes up more space in the home due to its indoor air handler and the ductwork it relies on. Size is important as using the wrong-size AC system rob your home of cooling performance and efficiency.

Heat Pump Systems

At first glance, heat pumps behave just like central air conditioners. But the one thing that separates these units from their traditional counterparts is the ability to work in reverse. Instead of removing latent heat to cool indoor areas and moving that heat outdoors, heat pumps instead harvest latent heat from outdoors and transfer that heat to keep indoor areas warm.

The efficiency of a heat pump system shines in climates with mild winters. Unlike other types of heating

systems, it doesn’t take much energy to keep your home warm with a heat pump. As a bonus, your heat pump works like any other air conditioner during the summer months.

Many heat pump systems come with an electric heating element as a backup source of heat, since heat pumps can’t operate as efficiently at temperatures below freezing.

Ductless AC Systems

True to their name, ductless AC systems do away with the need for HVAC ducting in favor of multiple air handler units connected to a single outdoor condenser unit. This setup allows for zoned cooling in multiple areas of your home with each air handler controlled via thermostat or remote control. It’s little wonder that these systems are also known as “mini split” systems.

Ductless AC systems are perfect for older and vintage homes that weren’t built with HVAC ductwork in mind. They’re also a great choice for budget-minded customers who want effective cooling, but without the potential expense of ductwork installation.

Window Air Conditioners

Window AC units are a quick and inexpensive option for cooling off single rooms and small spaces. Unlike other AC systems, these units are installed inside the window. The bulk of the unit, which contains the compressor, condenser coil and blower motor, hangs outdoors with brackets installed for support, depending on the size of the unit. The interior portion features the control panel and vents for incoming and outgoing air.

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